Home Contents Insurance - Home Contents Insurance

Home Contents Insurance

German insurance coverage (Hausratversicherung) for all your personal assets in your home — Insurance plans are available from 2,33€/month. Cancel anytime!

Home Contents Insurance - Home Contents Insurance

Home Contents Insurance

German insurance coverage (Hausratversicherung) for all your personal assets in your home — Insurance plans are available from 2,33€/month. Cancel anytime.

No Paperwork!

As from 2,33€/month!

Cancel Anytime!

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The Hausratversicherung is a home contents insurance for main tenants and owners.


Fire - Home Contents Insurance


Fact: Cooking equipment is the main cause of home fires in Germany.

Example: A fire at home has damaged your furniture, clothes and electrical appliances for a value of 20,000 €. In cases like this one, you are insured by the household insurance (in German: Hausratversicherung).

Wind - Home Contents Insurance


Fact: Strong winds and rainwater are the most common causes of home damage in Germany.

Example: There was a storm and flying branches from a tree destroyed your living room window. Your home cinema was damaged by rainwater. No worries, your home contents insurance covers this kind of situation!

Water - Home Contents Insurance


Fact: Leaking water pipes are one of the most destructive plumbing disasters possible.

Example: Water leaks from the washing machine hose have damaged your kitchen furniture worth 2,000 €. Don’t panic! Our insurance partner will take care of this bill!

Burglary 1 - Home Contents Insurance


Example (1): Burglars entered your home and stole jewelry, a laptop and an iPhone. The damage amounted to 5,000 €. Luckily, you are insured against a case like this one!

Example (2): Burglars broke into your property, got into your insured bedroom and damaged your door & your furniture looking for your assets. Nothing was stolen, but the damage amounted to 1,000 €. Our insurance partner will also take over this bill!

Get a Household Insurance

Home Contents Insurance policy to cover your household possessions against loss, damage or theft.

Cancel Anytime! 100% Online & in English!

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Get a Bike Theft Insurance (Add-on)

Your bicycle is insured against theft, partial theft of bike parts and vandalism, as long as it’s been secured with its own lock.

 Cancel Anytime! 100% Online & in English!


1. Your Responsibility

Your landlord is not responsible for loss or damages to your home assets. You and only you are responsible for your belongings!

2. Accumulated Assets

Renting over the years comes with more accumulated assets.

3. High Value

Your personal assets are probably worth more than you think.

4. Affordable Necessity

Household contents insurance isn’t a luxury, but an affordable necessity.

5. Better Safe Than Sorry!

Prepared for anything? What if the kitchen sink overflows or a pipe bursts and your furniture gets damaged?

6. No Misunderstanding

No confusion: Everything is in English. You get total transparency and can cancel anytime! 

No Deductible

“No deductible” simply means that your insurance company would start paying claims right away. In other words, your insurance company is going to pay the full bill.

[Limits: 650€/m² – i.e. you have a 100 m² flat, so your maximum coverage will be 65.000 €.]

For example, say your couch gets damaged by water as a result of plumbing leaks so it can’t be used or repaired anymore. In this case, the insurance company will pay you the total price of the couch with no deductible.

StyleColor - Home Contents Insurance

100% Digital & Transparent Home Contents Insurance

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