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Simplifying German bureaucracy is our mission

Accommodation, Anmeldung (city registration), Insurances, Bank Account, Tax ID, Social Security Number, Freelancer Registration, Blue Card, Job Search, Certified Translations, Tax Return — myGermanExpert is the easiest way to get settled in Germany.

Simplifying German bureaucracy is our mission

Accommodation, Anmeldung (city registration), Insurances, Bank Account, Tax ID, Social Security Number, Freelancer Registration, Blue Card, Job Search, Certified Translations, Tax Return — myGermanExpert is the easiest way to get settled in Germany.


About us & Disclaimer

Welcome to Germany!

Thank you for visiting our one-stop solution for getting settled in Germany.

This website is your trusted resource if you plan to relocate to Germany for work, study or family reasons. We want to make your move to Germany as smoothly as possible.

myGermanExpert was launched in 2011 and has helped thousands of people move successfully to Germany. We hope you will be part of our journey too!



We want to keep our website honest and only recommend partners who are based in Germany and who we genuinely trust. We try to provide you with products that are not only being used by expats but also by locals & German citizens.

All the products we offer on our website were personally tested and approved by our team.

We, at myGermanExpert, are using most of those products on a daily basis in our private and professional life.

Enjoy our services and, most importantly, good luck with your new life in Germany!

Registration in Germany [Anmeldung]

On our website you can fill in our Anmeldung form in you preferred language for free in order to get registered in ALL Germany and obtain a tax ID. You'll also get a free info pack and the official letter to be filled in by the landlord/ main tenant.

German Tax ID [Steuer-ID]

You will get your tax ID after registering your address in Germany. If your tax ID is not sent to you automatically within 2-3 weeks of your address registration, you can retrieve it by filling in the appropriate online form we provide.

Health Insurance [Public & Private]

Health insurance is compulsory for the whole population in Germany: you cannot live in Germany, even temporarily, without being covered by health insurance. You don't know what is the best health insurance for you? Check out if we can help you.

EU Blue Card for Germany

Similar to the Green Card in the USA, the EU Blue Card is a special residence permit that gives highly qualified non-EU nationals the opportunity to work and live in the European Union. Apply for your Blue Card now!

German Bank Account

On our website, you can open an online bank account for free with N26 and apply for a free credit card. You'll be able to withdraw money worldwide without any charges (even in Germany).

Expat Health Insurance

If you are a freelancer who doesn’t have yet a full-time employment in Germany, this expat health insurance is the perfect solution for you. Visa seekers, mini-jobbers, interns, language school students, post-docs and researchers can also apply for it.

Temporary Accommodation

Temporary accommodation is a great option if you need somewhere to stay until you find a more permanent residence. A hostel, hotel or serviced apartment is a perfect choice if you don’t know anyone in the area you’re moving to.

Permanent Accommodation

You can book secure accommodation before or after you arrive in Germany. Easily search the city you are searching accommodation in and hit search! Apartments with rental prices, amenities and different districts will be presented to you.

Jobs in Germany

Our job board offers matching vacancies in Germany. You will find plenty of opportunities for English, Spanish, Italian and French native speakers, as well as vacancies in other languages from all over Europe.

Private Liability Insurance

This German insurance covers you worldwide if you do harm to another person or damage their property in any way. It's flexible & digital! Cancel anytime! Insurance plans are available from 4,99€/month.

Home Contents Insurance

German insurance coverage (Hausratversicherung) for all your personal assets in your home — Insurance plans are available from 2,50€/month. 100% Online & in English! Cancel anytime!

Dog Liability Insurance

This German insurance (Hundehaftpflicht) covers you against financial claims of others for damages for which you are responsible as the owner, co-owner or guardian of your dog. It's flexible & digital! Cancel anytime!

Car Insurance [KFZ]

A "Basic" car insurance coverage is mandatory for all drivers in Germany, but a "Fully Comprehensive" coverage is recommended for new cars up to 5 years old as well as high-value cars. With our partner, you can save up to 30% compared with other car insurers.

Legal Insurance

Disagreements can always arise – whether it’s with your employer, landlord, or neighbour. Legal insurance means you don’t have to worry about the costs of resolving these disputes. Get insured to cover the financial costs of any potential legal disputes.

Bike & E-Bike Insurance

Get an insurance to protect your newly bought bicycle or e-bike. This insurance covers the following risks: theft, burglary, robbery and baggage & accessories on your bike. You can also buy an extension to cover repair costs for damage caused by accidents or vandalism.

Social Security Number

You need to get a social security number if you want to work in Germany. You cannot get paid if you don't have a Sozialversicherungsnummer. The social security covers health insurance, pension scheme, unemployment benefit, accident and long-term care insurance.

Dental Insurance

[It is not possible to get additional dental insurance when you have private health insurance] Did you know that only costs for very basic treatments are covered by public health insurance in Germany? This is why it makes sense to take out a complementary dental insurance plan.

Certified Translations

Our partner can provide you with a certified translation, including postal delivery, at an affordable price. Certified translations from our partner are recognised by all authorities in Germany and carried out by court-sworn translators.

Freelancer Registration

Register as a freelancer to get your tax number (Steuernummer) and VAT number. Fill in the tax registration form online and in English. Once you are ready, your application will be submitted directly to the tax authorities. It usually takes 3-6 weeks to receive a tax number by post.

Tax & VAT Return for Freelancers

Tax declarations are compulsory for freelancers and self-employed people in Germany. The income tax declaration is a summary of all your income and expenses during the year, and is done to determine the taxable income. File your tax return online and in English now!

Tax Return for Employees

Anyone who is employed should submit a tax return. On our website you can file your tax return online in your preferred language. Our partner will help you to secure a refund of overpaid income taxes - on average more than 1.100 Euro.

Gas & Electricity [100% Green]

Get one transparent plan with flexible monthly billing and no 24-month lock-ins, a digital-first experience with everything just a tap away, and only 100% renewable energy. So if you're ready to save money, hassle and the environment, sign up today.

100% Digital & in English - We’ll deal with your ex(-provider).

Prepaid Phone Plan [No Contract]

Get a cheap prepaid phone plan including a free SIM card with O2! No contract period, large data volume and Allnet Flat. You only pay for what you actually use.

Free SIM card - EU roaming included - 3,5 GB for 9,99€/month - 6,5 GB for 14,99€/month - 12,5 GB for 19.99€/month.

Mortgage & Property Buying

In order to help you buying a property in Germany, we created this Guide to clearly outline what you can expect at every single step of you going through the property buying experience.

If you are looking for your dream house, the steps described in this guide will help you navigate through the process.

Money Transfer [From/ To Germany]

Do you need to transfer money from abroad to your German bank account? Or from your German bank account to a bank account in another country? Then you may want to choose Wise (formerly Transferwise).

Wise allows you to transfer money between your own bank accounts in Germany and abroad quickly and at a very competitive price.

Our Health Insurance Service Explained


Public or Private Health Insurance Plans for Employees, Freelancers, Students & Visa Holders.


In brief:

  • If you are unemployed, self-employed or currently looking for a job and you've just moved to Germany from a non-EU country, then you should sign up for Expat Health Insurance (limited to 5 years). Once you have a steady income, you can easily cancel and switch to Public or Private Health Insurance. Get expat health insurance now!

  • If you need health insurance to get a visa or residence permit then we recommend that you take out Expat Health Insurance. You can cancel anytime. Once you find a job in Germany, you can easily cancel and switch to public health insurance. Get expat health insurance now!

  • If you are a university student under the age of 30, be sure to take out Public Health Insurance. TK has an incredibly affordable offer made just for students so be sure to take advantage of it! Sign up here. [Add-on: Dental Insurance].

  • If you are in any other situation (job seeker, au pair, holiday workers, language student, guest researcher, tourist, etc.), we recommend that you take out Expat Health Insurance. This will not only make sure that you are covered in case of an accident, but it will also fulfil the legal requirement for living in Germany. You can switch easily to Public or Private Health Insurance at a later stage. Get expat health insurance now!


1. Find accommodation

If you are moving to Germany you will need to organise temporary accommodation while you look for permanent housing. Search here. For long-term furnished apartments, search here.

2. Register in Germany

If you want to live in Germany more than 3 months or work/ study in Germany, you are required by law to register your new residence by submitting an Anmeldung form to the Bürgeramt.

3. Apply for health insurance

Health insurance is compulsory for the whole population in Germany: you cannot live in Germany, even temporarily, without being covered by health insurance. There are two kinds of health insurances: Public (GKV) and Private (PKV).

4. Get your tax ID

Within 2-3 weeks after having done the so-called Anmeldung, you should receive, at your registered German address, a letter containing your tax ID (Steuer-ID). Hand it over to your employer, possibly before getting your first payslip.

5. Open a bank account

You need to open a bank account if you want to live and work in Germany: paying a rent, receiving a salary, registering as a freelancer, and so on. Most of the banks require a proof of your registered address and/or your German tax ID.

6. File your tax return

Anyone who is employed should submit an income tax return for the previous year(s). The tax return has to be filed before the 31st of July. Additional time is granted if your tax refund is done by a tax adviser.

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