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Health insurance for employees in Germany

Since 2009, health insurance is compulsory for the whole population in Germany. This applies to everyone, no matter if you are a German citizen or an non-EU national.

Germany has a multi-payer health care system with two main types of health insurance: Public Health Insurance and Private Health Insurance.

Germany is home two two systems of health insurance: private health insurance and state health insurance. They are both equally valid and run in parallel.

You can find more details about the German health insurance system in our Guide.


Health insurance for freelancers in Germany

What if you work as a freelancer in Germany? You still have to take out health insurance.

There are three options here. The first involves taking out private health insurance with a German company. The second involves taking out state health insurance with the German state and the third involves taking out insurance with an international company.


Health insurance for students in Germany

As a foreign student enrolled at an officially recognized university in Germany, you must insure yourself with a statutory health insurance if you are under the age of 30 (until you reach your 30th birthday or until your 14th term of study).

After that, you can still choose the public health insurance but on a voluntary basis. The difference is mainly the price: once you go ‘voluntary’, you pay more!

Important: Pupils, language students, students enrolled in preparatory (language) courses for university, trainees (not for university purposes), scholarship holders & postgraduate students participating in a doctoral program (Ph.D.) are not entitled to take out public health insurance!



Health insurance for visa or resident permit holders

The German Residence Act (Section 5 (1) (1)) states that for a residence permit to be granted, the applicant needs to prove that (s)he will be self-sufficient while staying in Germany.

Section 2(3) of the act states that part of self-sufficiency involves having adequate health insurance coverage.

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