Anmeldung in Berlin


What's the Anmeldung? Why is it so important?

This is simply the fact of notifying the authorities on where you’re living in Germany. Without the so-called ‘Anmeldung’, you cannot work or study in Germany, open a bank account, register with a German health insurance or obtain a residence permit.

The first step to live legally in Germany is to find an accommodation as soon as possible. In fact, you cannot live in Germany more than 3 months (or work/go to university) without having an officially registered address (there are some exceptions: language students, holidays,...).

Also, doing the Anmeldung is the only way to obtain a German tax ID. Once registered, the so-called ‘Steuer-ID’ will be sent automatically to your registered address within 1-3 weeks (Important: make sure to have your name on the mailbox or to specify a c/o on the Anmeldung form).



Where do I need to register?

If you want to live in Berlin, you have to register your residence at the so-called Bürgeramt (local registration office). This is achieved by submitting in person an Anmeldung form to your local registration office. This is required for any change of address (‘Ummeldung’). You can fill in your Anmeldung form in English on this page. Our system will automatically transfer your data onto the German Anmeldung form.

You can search for your local citizens office by inserting your postcode here.

At the Bürgeramt, you will receive a proof of registration called ‘Anmeldebestätigung’ which is needed for many official matters, such as opening a bank account or registering with a German health insurance.



When should I register? Do I need an appointment?

In all Germany, the Anmeldung needs to be done within 14 days of relocating to your new German address. You don’t have to choose a Bürgeramt in your district: the registration process is not district-based, but city-based. Booking an appointment is enough to meet the deadline!

More and more ‘Bürgeramt’ would only accept appointments, which means you can’t usually just walk in, take a number, and wait.

You can book an appointment online on this website.



What do I bring to the Bürgeramt on Anmeldung day?

• The completed & signed Anmeldung Form
• A valid ID or passport (incl. visa, if applicable)
• The the so-called ‘Landlord Letter’ (in German: ‘Wohnungsgeberbestätigung’), which needs to be signed either by the landlord or by the sub-lessor. No Letter, No Anmeldung!
• (If applicable) Your marriage certificate and/or your child's birth certificate if your spouse/partner/children live in Germany (certified translation in German)
• (If applicable) A Power of Attorney (POA) completed & signed by you if you send someone else to register on your behalf. Download a copy here

Sign up for free on this page and fill in your Anmeldung form in English. Once the one-off payment has been made, we'll send you the completed Anmeldung form, a copy of the landlord letter, a Registration Info Pack, a Bürgeramt directory and an introductory letter for the Bürgeramt in case you cannot speak German.


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How to use our Anmeldung service in 4 easy steps

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    Sign up for free on this page and start using our services.


  • 2

    Fill in your online Anmeldung Form in English. It takes 5-10 minutes.


  • 3

    Pay with PayPal. Download, print & sign the Anmeldung form.


  • 4

    Visit your Bürgeramt (by appointment) and get your certificate to get registered in Germany.