This form costs 5€ and is available in English, French, Italian or Spanish.

Package includes:
* Completed Anmeldung form translated & ready for the Bürgeramt;
* MGE Info Pack;
* Landlord Confirmation Letter (to be completed & signed by the landlord)
* Bürgeramt directory;
* Introductory letter in German [for the Bürgeramt official];

Note: The Anmeldung form (also called Ummeldung) is available for Berlin, Dortmund, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Cologne, Hamburg and Stuttgart.

€0 GERMAN TAX ID [Retrieval]

This retrieval service is free and only available in German. 



* The application form for the German Insurance Card from Barmer GEK is free. 

* Get a free online quote for the other travel insurances from HanseMerkur (short-term stays).

* Get a free private health insurance quote here.



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