German Tax ID


What's a tax ID?

The tax ID (Steuer-ID) is important for the purposes of taxation, government benefits and health care. If you are an employee, you need to present your employer with the tax id when starting the new job in order to avoid being taxed at the maximum rate possible.


When will I receive my tax ID?

The tax office will send you the tax ID automatically to your registered German address within 3 weeks of your Bürgeramt registration. If you do not receive the tax ID within those 3 weeks or you lose the one you already have, you can apply for a new one to be sent to you. We provide the appropriate online form in your MGE user account.


Where can I register my German address?

Germany is divided into 16 states. In each state the registration process is different. This map shows you whether we provide the Anmeldung form for your city.


How can I get registered?

Create your MGE user account and fill in your Anmeldung form for your German address. 

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If your tax ID is not sent to you automatically within 3 weeks of your address registration, you can retrieve it by filling in the appropriate form in your MGE user account.