German Bank Account


Online banking with DKB

You need to open a German bank account if you want to live and work in Germany: paying a rent, receiving a salary, registering as a freelancer, obtaining a health insurance, and so on.

You have two choices. You can either open an account with an online bank (e.g. DKB) or with a "physical bank". If you choose physical banking, you need to find a branch and bring your passport/ID card, your confirmation of residence from the Bürgeramt/Bürgerbüro and either a work contract or student confirmation. If you want to open an account with an online bank (DKB), you only need your passport/ID card, an Internet connection and a webcam (video identification).

On our website, you can open a free bank account with DKB. It is important that you open a DKB-Cash account and apply for a free DKB-VISA-Card so you can withdraw money worldwide without any charges (even in Germany).

Why open a bank account with DKB?

- Free account maintenance
- Free bank transfers within SEPA countries
- Free debit card
- Free credit card (Visa Card)
- Free cash withdrawals from all Visa cash machines around the world (incl. in Germany)
- Free Internet banking


Who is eligible for a DKB online account?

- Everyone with no negative Schufa-entry (credit investigation institute)
- Everyone having a minimum of German Knowledge; or, everyone being able to use Google translator

Tip: If using Chrome browser, just right-click with your mouse & click "Translate to English".


How can I open a DKB-Cash account?

Create a free account with myGermanExpert and start filling in the online form for opening your bank account in Germany.

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Procedure for opening a DKB-Cash account in 4 easy steps:

  • 1

    Create a free account with myGermanExpert.


  • 2

    Select our banking service & complete the online DKB Form. It takes 5 minutes.


  • 3

    Follow the instructions & Identify yourself via webcam.


  • 4

    DKB will send you all the documents & cards to your German address.