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ABOUT MGE  myGermanExpert is proud to be the first company to make German bureaucratic documents available online in multiple languages. From the so-called Anmeldung (residence registration) to the German tax ID, from insurances to banking - myGermanExpert is the easiest way to get settled in Germany. MGE is a relocation service partner striving to make your paperwork and move to Germany as easy, fast and low-cost as possible. Moving country can be a daunting experience. The three founders of myGermanExpert have come in close contact with these experiences and have witnessed the difficulties foreigners moving to Germany can face. They have identified a need to supply accessible support to those moving country and saw an opportunity to make the move as smoothly and stress free as possible, for foreigners as well as the German authorities. myGermanExpert is a multilingual, first-hand relocation service, that is easily accessible and affordable. The three founders created an immediate service, providing direct contact between the customers and the relocation agents, making the use of this service a personal experience. We hope you enjoy our service.  MGE

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Gesellschafter:: Salvatore Musina und Carolin Schlenther

Telefon: 0179/4375580
E-mail: info (at) mygermanexpert.com

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